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Hits (Top 40)

Today’s hottest music featuring Top 40 hit songs and more from the biggest stars in pop, dance, and hip hop.


Nothing but hit music and today's biggest stars

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More Hits (Top 40) Channels

1990s Hits

The hits that defined the decade

American HitKast Idols

We salute TV's "American Idol" with the music of both contestants and judges

Boy Bands and Blondes

Hit music from younger stars

HitKast Energize

High energy pop & dance like the morning sun in your eyes

HitKast Fresh

Hits so fresh your friends haven't heard them yet

HitKast Heartland

A hybrid channel of the country and today's pop hits that sound great together

HitKast Hip Hop

The hottest Hip Hop hits

HitKast Hip Hop and R&B

Today's top trending urban hits

HitKast Hot

Today's hottest hits with a focus on newer music and artists

HitKast Jams

Today's biggest hits + the hottest hip hop

HitKast Remix

Remixes and club versions of today's hits

HitKast Rock

The hottest hit rock music

HitKast Spring Break

High-energy hits and dance tracks for a spring break party!

Hitkast Superstars

Only the most important artists making hit music today

HitKast Top '00s Hits

Just the biggest hits of 2000-2009

HitKast Top '10s Hits

The biggest hits from 2010 to today

HitKast Unwind

Put your stress behind you with a less intense mix of pop hits

HitKast: Best of 2017

It was the year of "Despacito," "Bodak Yellow," and DJ Khaled

Hotter Sunny Lite Mix

Fun and energetic adult pop hits from 2k to today

Latin Hits

The sound of hit Latin music from the New York, L.A., and Miami scenes

Listeners' Top 100: HitKast

The Top 100 listener-rated hit music songs

Modern a cappella

Vocal harmony performances of great hit music

Running: 140-150 BPM

Mid-tempo pop, R&B, and hip hop hits to match your 11-minute mile

Running: 160-170 BPM

High-energy pop and hip hop to keep you moving at a 9-minute mile

Summer Hits: 2010 to 2day

Every summer's top hits since 2010

Summer Hits: The '00s

The biggest hits of the summers of 2000-2009

Taylor Swift & Friends

Tons of Taylor, plus friends, frenemies, boyfriends (current and ex’s) and collaborators

Top 40: July 4, 2011

These tracks topped the charts mid-summer in 2011

Top 40: Week of May 12, 2007

The forty hottest songs of the week of May 12...

Walking: 120 BPM

Today's hits paced to accompany your next brisk walk

Workout Cool Down

Pop and R&B to wind down with at the end of your workout

YouTunes: Viral Video Hits

Artists who began on YouTube, hits that launched there, and the most-viewed music videos since 20...

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