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Movie Soundtracks

If you're a lover of film music, our Move Soundtracks collection is bound to please. Choose from over 15 channels featuring everything from the music of storied franchises like Star Trek, to film scores, and even Disney music for the kids!

AccuRadio @ the Movies

Great music from the soundtracks of your favorite films

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More Movie Soundtracks Channels

'90s Film Scores

Orchestral themes and background music from great '90s movies

13 Classic Horror Film Soundtracks

An unlucky 13 of the darkest and creepiest soundtracks in cinema history

AFI's 100 Years... 100 Songs

The American Film Institute's ranking of the 100 greatest songs in American cinema history

Broadway @ the Movies

Songs from great Hollywood musicals

Channel 007

Music from the James Bond films

Classic Disney Soundtracks

Songs from Disney films up through the 1970s

Disney Film Soundtracks

Music from nearly 80 years of Walt Disney Pictures films

Disney Scores

The masterful background music, usually orchestral, from Disney classics

Film Scores

Original instrumental compositions from history's greatest films

Oldies @ the Movies (and on TV!)

Great '50s, '60s, and '70s pop hits from the Silver Screen and the Tube!

Open Channel D

Spy and secret agent TV show music, currently featuring “The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

Rock @ the Movies

Rockumentaries, concert films, and rock songs that inspired movies

Secret Agent Radio

The music of Bond, Solo & Kuryakin, Drake, the IMF, and other great secret agents

Spock On: The Music of Star Trek

Soundtrack music from Star Trek television series and films

The '90s @ the Movies

There were some great films in the '90s, with great music!

The Music of Star Wars

May the Fourth is Star Wars Day! Celebrate with us, or do not. There is no "try."

TIME's Top 25 Movie Soundtracks

The music from Time Magazine's "25 Best Movie Soundtracks"

Video Game Soundtracks

Orchestral, cinematographic soundtrack music from epic adventure and action video games

World of Williams

Film scores composed and conducted by John Williams

X-Men Film Soundtracks

Dramatic and exciting soundtrack music from all ten X-Men films

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