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3 Bands to Check Out if You Love Green Day

Green Day Dookie Album

Do you remember when Dookie dropped? The smell of the printed insert, the scrawled liner notes, and the cartoon album art with the cats! If, like me, you had the cassette tape, you remember the color of it too. But even better, the opening notes of songs like She, the reboot of Welcome to Paradise, and of course Basket Case. Whether your formative years were in the '90s the noughts or the teen years Green Day has probably had an influence on your life. It certainly has for a buncha bands in the last 3 decades.

Here are 3 bands like Green Day that you might enjoy as much as I do!


Why is Rancid like Green Day you say? Well, for one thing they were on the same scene together in their early days. That's right, they were both products of the west--we're talking Gilmore Street. Rancid had a buncha great albums before their mainstream hit "And Out Come the Wolves." They wore mowhawks and ragged leather on SNL. And still tear things up pretty good!

The Interrupters

The Interruptors have to come right after Rancid since they put out their first album Tim Armstrong's Hellcat record label. They've covered Billie Eiliish's iconic song "Bad Guy" in an amazingly great ska way. Imagine the sound of a trombone pumping out that catchy riff! In many ways it's better than the original!

In any case their original songs like "She's Kerosene", "Family", and "Leap of Faith" are en fuego! The band is Aimee on vocals and three brothers backs her up with vocals in instruments.

Blink 182

It's a bit obvious to include Blink 182 in this list, but they are a super-important link to future bands that carry the pop-punk torch. Blink has been one of those few famous punk rock bands that everyone and their brother wanted to imitate. When it comes to Blink, one thing comes to mind - circle pit. You might have thought "feelings", "lude humor", or "Travis Barker." But then again, you might have been to one of their shows and been in that massive circling whorls of kids burning off steam singing "the Rock Show" from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

You can find these bands and more in the channels below.


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