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The finest R&B music around! Featuring the best R&B, urban hits, slow jams, and dusties from the '80s to today.


The best R&B from today's top artists

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1980s R&B

Prince, Janet, & Michael: R&B in the MTV age

1990s R&B

The biggest R&B stars of the '90s

2000s R&B

Great post-millennium R&B, like Usher, R. Kelly, and Alicia Keys

2010s R&B

A round-up of R&B's best from 2010 to today

Acid Jazz

Rare Groovers like Jamiroquai, Thievery Corporation, and Brand New Heavies with a '90s focus

Black American #1s

#1 Billboard Hot 100 hits from African American artists of the past 50 years

Chicago's R&B Scene

Today's Chicago stars: Common, Kanye, Jennifer Hudson and more

Classic R&B Love Songs

Love and romance R&B


It's one channel under a groove

Glory and Praise

Contemporary, R&B-flavored Gospel

Grown Folks R&B Coffee Break

First-rate classic R&B and classic steppers to perk up your midday

HitKast Hip Hop and R&B

Today's top trending urban hits

It's Disco!

Nonstop disco-era dance anthems!

Jammin' Oldies

An upbeat, fun music mix from back in the day

Listeners' Top 100: 2000s R&B

Listeners' top rated R&B songs of 2000-2009

Listeners' Top 100: R&B

Nothing but your top 100 R&B picks

Love & Inspiration

Get encouraged and inspired by R&B and gospel greats like Mary Mary, Smokie Norful, and more

Michael Jackson & Friends

Our celebration of the legacy of the King of Pop

Neo Soul

Blending R&B and Soul with Jazz, Fusion, and Hip Hop

New Jack Swing

Taking you back to the '80s and '90s

Prince: A Remembrance

Celebrating the music of Prince, as an artist and songwriter, with his own performances and his m...

Quiet Storm

Slow tempos, relaxed rhythms... it's where Smooth Jazz meets R&B

R&B Afternoon Commute

R&B classics and hits for your drive home and to celebrate the end of the workday

R&B and Hip Hop Summer Jams: 2010 to 2day

Top ten hits from the summers 2010-2018

R&B and Hip Hop Summer Jams: The '00s

Summer chart-toppers of the 2K era

R&B Backyard Party

It's your soundtrack to an R&B backyard BBQ

R&B Morning Motivation

R&B with "crossover" Gospel to motivate you and keep you inspired throughout your workday.

R&B Romance

R&B tunes for the romantic soul, young and old

R&B Time to Chill

R&B for relaxing and unwinding

R&B Urban Adult

Lite R&B hits and Smooth Jazz vocals, perfect for at work

R&B Vocalists: Female

Sweet and soulful female R&B vocalists

R&B Vocalists: Male

Classic and contemporary male R&B singers

R&B, Philly-style!

Today's Philly sound

Slow Jams

Classic R&B ballads plus the hottest new slow jams

The Step Channel

Dedicated to the classic Chicago dance style

Throwback Hip Hop and R&B

Old School R&B and Hip Hop hits

Today's R&B

New pure R&B hits

Today's R&B Love Songs

R&B, Urban, and Neo Soul romance

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