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When you need to dance, we have the music. Covering a wide range of diverse sounds for dancing from Disco and Step to Dance-Rock and '90s favorites, you're sure to find yourself moving your feet.

Land of 1,000 Dances

A huge collection of songs, of all varieties, that are great for dancing

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More Dance Channels

1990s Dance Party

Classic 90s dance tracks

At the Hop: '50s Dance Classics

It's sock hop radio!


Latin hits to move your body!

Big EDM Beats

Dance hits, club beats, and top DJ remixes

Carolina Beach Music

The Classic Soul that was the soundtrack of summers by the sea and the Carolina Shag

Chicago House & Old School

Chicago House, Italo disco, and hi-NRG from the mid- to late-'80s

Dancefloor Indie

The synthpop, EDM, and dance rock hipsters are dancing to today, plus some select throwback jams

Dancehall & Crossover

A more contemporary reggae sound. Nice up the Dance!

Disco-Punk & Dance-Rock

Post-punk, electroclash, and electronic rock from bands that can fill a dance floor


Dance to the '80s sounds of urban heartbreak and life in the big city.

Going to a Go-Go

Soulful dance favorites from the '60s and '70s. Guaranteed to keep you moving!

HitKast Remix

Remixes and club versions of today's hits

HitKast Spring Break

High-energy hits and dance tracks for a spring break party!

It's Disco!

Nonstop disco-era dance anthems!

Kids Dance Party

Fun and spirited tunes to move your body, appropriate for younger ears

Post-Industrial EBM

"Electronic body music" -- industrial music's slightly less angry dancing cousin!

Retro Dance

Dance floor hits from the '80s thru the early 2000s

Smooth Steppin'

Add some rhythm to your life with these Smooth Jazz-steppers' crossovers.

The Dancing Stars

Decades of hits heard over the 22 seasons of "Dancing with the Stars"

The Step Channel

Dedicated to the classic Chicago dance style


Fun, high-energy hip hop, pop, and Latin music for your workout

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