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Hip Hop

From the old school to today, our collection of Hip Hop channels gives you the choice to listen to today's top hits or the classic rap anthems of yesteryear. The choice is yours!

This Is Hip Hop

A rundown of Hip Hop history's biggest tracks

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More Hip Hop Channels

Back in the Day '93-'95

Early-'90s hip hop

Back in the Day '96-'99

Late-'90s hip hop

Back in the Day BBQ

Keep the drinks on ice and the burgers flippin' with these classic hip-hop jams

Beastie Boys Samples

The Beasties sampled lots of tasty tracks, and we're playing tons of 'em

CCM Hip Hop

Rhymes and beats with a message

Check the Rhyme

Classic joints in Hip-Hop history sprinkled with the sound of today.

Down South

Down South is keepin it hot - with T.I., Lil' Jon, Ludacris, OutKast, Cash Money and more.

Great Samples... Better Songs

Soul, Jazz, Funk, and R&B you'll recognize as sampled by Hip Hop DJs

HitKast Hip Hop

The hottest Hip Hop hits

In Da Club

Club bangers and mainstream artists

Juggalo Jamz

Music from Insane Clown Posse, Psychopathic Records, and veterans of the Gathering. Whoop whoop!

Listeners' Top 100: Hip Hop Classics

The 100 most popular tracks from our Hip Hop channels


From Native Tongues to Kweli and Kanye, Hip Hop Keeps it Real while Keepin' it Right

Old School Hip Hop

'80s and early-'90s rap and hip hop

Original Gangsta Radio

Edgy tales from the street...Tupac, Snoop, DMX, and NWA livin' the life

R&B and Hip Hop Summer Jams: 2010 to 2day

Top ten hits from the summers 2010-2018

R&B and Hip Hop Summer Jams: The '00s

Summer chart-toppers of the 2K era

Strictly Chicago Hip Hop

[Notice: explicit content] Chicagoland MCs, DJs, and beatmakers. (No radio edits or clean cuts!)

Throwback Hip Hop and R&B

Old School R&B and Hip Hop hits

Trip Hop

Melding electronic, hip hop, and more, with Massive Attack, Portishead, and '90s 'Ninja Tuners'

Underground Hip Hop

Backpackers and B-Boys keep pushing the envelope

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